Limited Offer Ends In:
How to play more consistent golf, get better scores
and gain 20 yards off the Tee
Limited Offer Ends In:
"I used to hit my 7-iron 145 yards and now I hit it about 170 yards."
- Real Bergevin
Have you tried improving your golf game?
If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have. You probably went to the driving range and practiced a few shots... But there is one big problem with the driving range: 
when you work on your game at the range, you receive minimal feedback. You focus on analyzing your ball flight, and try to adjust your swing accordingly. This is an ineffective strategy.
Instead, you would need to use a system, where all of your small mistakes are being corrected instantly and very efficiently. The feedback you receive should always be on point and lead you to the perfect movement.
How would you feel, if you...
  • ​Had greater consistency in your game and could play your best golf possible, each and every time?
  • ​Had a stronger and healthier body, scored better, and had even more fun playing?
  • ​Could add 20 yards to your drives?
Introducing: Kai Fitness for Golf
Kai Fitness for Golf teaches you how to become a better golfer by learning the proper way to move your body throughout your golf swing. You perfect your movements off the course, burning them into your muscle memory so there’s no guesswork on your swing come game time; only small adjustments that you know how to implement confidently.  

Along the way, you will become a stronger player, gaining greater control and adding more distance and power to your game. As a result, you will also become stronger mentally, prevent injury, and get into great physical shape.
 Kai Fitness for Golf is all about building a strong core and executing the proper movements needed in order to hone a consistent, repeatable, and explosively SUPERIOR golf swing!

Better mobility, flexibility, and strength ✔

Kai Fitness for Golf helps you to increase your mobility, and become stronger and more flexible in your swing. This translates to greater accuracy and better scoring on the course.

Injury Prevention ✔

Through properly executed exercises and stimulations, you will prevent injuries and learn to stay healthy while playing the sport you love.

Longer drives ✔

Being able to produce more energy and power in your swing will result in longer shots. The average golfer has increased their shot length by 20 yards through Kai Fitness for Golf. 

Better rhythm in your swing ✔

With golf-specific exercises, you will learn the correct way to move your body through the swing. This will result in a more controlled swing, and thus better rhythm in your game.
 - Annika Sörenstam, 
won 10 Majors
"Kai helped me building strength and power in my golf swing. He really helped me get where I wanted to be."
- Bart Paine, Challenge-Tour
“I was driving it probably about 245 when I started with Kai, now I’m driving it about 260 yards. I feel stronger, and my flexibility is much better.”
- Karen Stupples, LPGA Player and Major-Winner
"Within eight weeks of working with Kai I added 20 yards. I think Kai Fitness for Golf is perfect for golfers."
Limited Offer Ends In:
The 4 Phases in the Program
Kai Fitness for Golf is a full year program designed to help you get ready for the golf season, maintain your strength during the season, and stay in tip-top shape throughout the off-season. The program is divided into four specific phases; follow the routines and you will reach your goal of being the best golfer you can be!

Phase 0: The basis for efficient movement

A lot of mistakes in golf are made due to inefficient movement. You will learn simple and easily applicable tricks on how to move more efficiently, and thus generate more strength, speed, power, balance, stability, flexibility, endurance, and control. This will help you to protect your body while golfing and to reach your goals much faster than by simply practicing on the driving range.

Phase 1 - Learn & Build

Bouncing back from the off-season
  • Learn how to move more efficiently through your golf swing
  • Build up core muscles in order to generate more energy in your swing
  • ​Build up resistance to injuries through better muscular structure and greater mobility

Phase 2 - Strength & Control

Getting ready for the season
  • Learn full body exercises for increased strength
  • ​Improve accuracy in your game through a more precise swing movement
  • ​Perform exercises for better stamina and greater consistency in your game

Phase 3 - Power & Distance

Adding distance to your game
  • Perform high-intensity exercises to produce more speed and power
  • Generate more power and energy in your swing to produce longer shots
  • ​Gain greater mobility for longer and more controlled movements

Phase 4 - In Season & Scoring

Maintaining your strength
  • ​Conduct short workouts during the season to maintain muscle growth
  • Learn efficient, full-body exercises to increase your swing power, even when working out for only 15 minutes per day
  • Focus on exercises that improve your swing rhythm
Can the workouts be done at home?
All the workouts can be done either at home or in the gym; instructions are given for both scenarios. If done at home, you only need a minimal amount of fitness equipment to follow along with the Kai Fitness Program; we recommend a workout band, dumbbells, and a physioball. As you progress in your workouts, we recommend using a doorframe chin-up bar. That is all you need to get started!

For all level of golfers ✔

Kai Fitness for Golf is designed for golfers of all levels. Tour professionals and beginners alike have successfully completed the program, as the weights and resistance can be varied easily. As you are improving your game, you can increase the weight or speed of the workouts in order to constantly challenge your body.

For every cycle of the season ✔

The series is designed with light workouts during the off-season, challenging workouts during the early season, and fast and efficient workouts during the regular season. And of course, you can repeat the program each year for maintenance. 

At home or in the gym ✔

All exercises can be done either at home or in the gym. We filmed all the workouts with detailed explanations; the left side of the screen shows you how to perform the exercises in the gym, while the right side shows you how to do the exercises at home.  

Limited equipment needed ✔

Most exercises need little to no equipment, as you often use your body weight for resistance. The minimal equipment you do need for performing the exercises at home are cheap and reusable for most exercises (e.g. rubber band, dumbbells, yoga mat...)
Limited Offer Ends In:
Bonus Section
Bonus #1: Super Fit Workouts - Gain 20 yards ($297 Value)
This is the workout you need if you really want to improve your body and your game. This workout will lead to better scores and longer drives (and sore muscles). The Super Fit workout is for those players that want to reach the maximum with their game and their body. These are high-intensity workouts dedicated to making your body super fit and to help you achieve your perfect golf form. 

The workouts don’t take up much time; they are designed to be fast with very heavy weights. In order to allow your body to build muscle safely, the workout is conducted 3 days a week, in short 15- to 30-minute sessions. 
Bonus #2: Exercise Guide ($47 Value)
With Kai Fitness, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to improve your game.

As such, we designed an exercise guide that you can refer to for detailed information or if you don't have access to the online program. If you strictly follow the program and the exercise guide, I guarantee that you will improve your game, drive longer, and have more fun playing golf. 
Bonus #3: Healthy Golf ($197 Value)
This bonus section is especially important if you have suffered injuries in the past or if you have a condition that affects your overall health. You will learn how to avoid injuries by using the right principles and movements in your swing, which reduces the stress on your body. You will learn:
  • How to conduct the perfect warm-up before a round of golf.
  • How you can easily prevent injuries with the right training.
  • The basics of weight loss and how you can lose weight while getting fitter.
  • ​The proper nutrition in order to play the best golf you can!
Bonus #4: Nutrition Guide ($47 Value)
Significant improvements are not only a result of the right workouts but also the right nutrition. That's why we added a nutrition guide to the package, which you can follow to make the food choices that will boost your performance. If you are ever unsure about what to eat, consult the nutrition guide to learn what foods will be most beneficial for your body.
Bonus #5: Fixing your Swing-Faults ($197 Value)
As we’ve already gone over, you receive minimal feedback when practicing on the range. You focus on analyzing your ball flight, and try to adjust your swing accordingly. This is an ineffective strategy.

Instead, use swing fault exercises to lead the body into the perfect swing positions. Learn how to perfect your golf movements off the course, burning the appropriate movements and strengths into your muscle memory – which leads to perfect execution of the golf swing on the course. The swing fault exercises are amazing for fine-tuning or fixing existing problems with your swing.
Here is a recap of everything you'll get:
 Kai Fitness for Golf Program (Value $297)
 Bonus #1: Super Fit Workouts - Gain 20 Yards (Value $197)
 Bonus #2: Exercise Guide (Value $47)
 Bonus #3: Healthy Golf (Value $197)
 Bonus #4: Nutrition Guide (Value $47) 
 Bonus #5: Fixing your Swing Faults (Value $197)
Total Value: $982
Limited Offer Ends In:
What other people are saying:
PGA and LPGA Tour Players
“Only after six weeks of working out with Kai I gained 20-yards in my driver, that had a huge impact in my game.”
- Beatriz Recari, LPGA Tour
“Since I started working with Kai, I have probably gained about 20- to 25-yards with my driver.”
- Anna Nordqvist, LPGA Tour, won 2 Majors
"My posture and my balance is much better since I have been working out with Kai."
- Henri Reis, Swing Coach Annika Sörenstam
Hobby Players and Recreational Golfer
"Kai Fitness for Golf has added extra yards to my game and it helps prevent injuries, because it builds strength in my core."
- Thomas Gibson, Florida, United States
“Once Kai introduced the gym to me, I hit the ball farther and I've been a better golfer since.
I thought you had to be out on the golf course to improve your golf…whereas the gym opened a whole new world to me.”
- Linda Brown, Florida
As a newer golfer, my game has improved immeasurably. If KaiFitness has helped me, it can help anybody.
Anne Bergevin, Niagra Falls, Canada
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many days a week should you work out?
The program is laid out to do three (3) full workouts per week, and I recommend a rest day between each workout. You want to make sure that you give 100% on each of these workouts, 100% physical effort, as well as 100% concentration in order to get the full benefit. More is not better; the quality will make the difference!
2. What fitness equipment do I need to complete the video workouts?
You only need a minimal amount of fitness equipment to follow along with the Kai Fitness for Golf videos. First of all if you purchase the DVDs, you get a workout band. Then we recommend dumbbells and a physioball. That is all you need to get started. As you progress in your workouts, we would recommend a chin up bar (door frame).
3. How difficult are the workouts?
The way the workouts are set up is that every exercise has progressions meaning that you can always start at your fitness level. You will also see that there are 2 students working out on the screen, one doing the “gym” version and one doing the “home” version, which is generally the easier one. Think of it this way, any exercise can be adjusted from easy to hard by either increasing resistance, decreasing stability or increasing speed, all of that is well addressed within the video series. After all Kai’s program is about learning how to move right and improve your golf game, it’s not just about being crazy intense and “go-go-go.”
4. Where can I access the videos?
The videos will be hosted online. That way you can get 24/7 access to the videos, anywhere you want and with all the devices you want to access the videos.
5. How long do I have access to the videos?
Through buying the product you get lifelong access to all the videos.
6. I'm a bit older. Can I still do the workouts?
Yes, indeed the workouts will be very good for you. By doing the workouts, you will gain mobility and have less pain playing while improving and enjoying the game.
100% Longer-Drives-Guarantee
"Kai Fitness for Golf" comes with a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee...But we are not stopping there!
I will personally guarantee that you will not only drive further, but also significantly improve your overall golf game! Your swing will have a better rhythm, your shots will be more precise, and your scores will drop dramatically!
Your friends will wonder how your game suddenly improved so drastically.
You can gain all of this from learning how to practice efficiently. Use effective golf-specific workouts that will exponentially improve your game, instead of spending hours on the range with no guaranteed results. Not only will you improve your overall strength and health, you will also gain distance off the tee and have more energy during the round, which leads to better scores, especially on the last 3 holes...

"Efficiency through perfect movement: this is my guiding principle, which will result in overall improvement of your game!" 

- Kai Fusser

When you buy the course, I offer you a risk-free 60-day money-back-guarantee where you can try out the course. If you don't like it, just send me a short e-mail and I will refund your money.
Here is a recap of everything you'll get:
 Kai Fitness for Golf Program (Value $297)
 Bonus #1: Super Fit Workouts - Gain 20 Yards (Value $197)
 Bonus #2: Exercise Guide (Value $47)
 Bonus #3: Healthy Golf (Value $197)
 Bonus #4: Nutrition Guide (Value $47) 
 Bonus #5: Fixing your Swing Faults (Value $197)
Total Value: $982
Limited Offer Ends In:
- Real Bergevin, Niagra Falls, Canada
"I was a 48 year old golfer and thought I had already peaked. I started to work with Kai and suddenly my body wasn’t hurting anymore. I used to hit my 7-iron 145 yards, now I hit it 170 yards.”
- James Gibson, Durham, England
"Kai Fitness for Golf has improved my overall strength and I feel a lot more consistent in my golf swing … I’m starting to hit the ball farther, which makes the game much easier"
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